About us

About Us

Fox Performing Arts Charitable Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization with the mission of fostering, promoting, and encouraging young people in the St. Louis region to discover and participate in the joy and wonder of live performances. The Foundation provides unique opportunities and develops educational performing arts programs focused on young artists.

Our beginnings

The Fox Performing Arts Charitable Foundation was created in 2002 after the success of the Fabulous Fox Theatre. The Foundation was established with a clear mission: to ignite passion for the performing arts among young individuals in the St. Louis region. Recognizing the value of live performances in cultivating creativity and wonder, the Foundation is dedicated to nurturing this appreciation. Its inception was driven by the belief that through targeted efforts, young people can be introduced to the transformative power of the arts. By curating distinctive opportunities and designing educational programs centered around emerging artists, the Foundation actively cultivates an environment where the joy of live performances thrives.

Fox Performing Arts Charitable Foundation Board of Directors

Pat Vogelsang – Board President

Kenneth Dobbins – Treasurer

Tali Allen

Danielle Durban

Missy Heinemann

Laurie Lock

Wayne Salomon

Kenn Stilson

Mary Strauss – President Emeritus



Year round programming

Years of Service

St. Louis High School Musical Theatre Awards

St. Louis Teen Talent Competitions

Kids' Night at The Fabulous Fox

Countless lives changed by the performing arts


The Fox Performing Arts Charitable Foundation brings much joy and inspiration to the St. Louis community. I can’t imagine how many lives have been affected and spirits lifted by this amazing organization.
-Janet Smith