FoxPACF Alumni Spotlight: Cianna Vo

FoxPACF Alumni Spotlight: Cianna Vo

St. Louis Teen Talent Competition Alumni starting to make a broader impact

Cianna Vo, 2016 Second Place Winner and 2017 Finalist, has begun her college career at University of Kentucky in Lexington. She has made it onto the Kentucky Dance Team, and will be sharing her incredible talent with the Wildcats this year. We are sure that she will bring a great deal of energy and professionalism to the team! Way to go Cianna!

If you are an alum of a FoxPACF program, please let us know where you are making an impact! We would love to keep you in our spotlight! Contact us at

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  1. Congratulations Cianna! We are sure you will love your time in Kentucky, and they will love you!

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