Meet Finalist Grace Wolf (Getting to Know the 2022 St. Louis Teen Talent Competition Finalists)

Meet Finalist Grace Wolf (Getting to Know the 2022 St. Louis Teen Talent Competition Finalists)

                                                                                                                        Name: Grace Wolf

School: Clayton High School

Talent: Dance

How long have you been performing and what inspired you to start? I have loved performing since the day I  could walk.  I began first with voice and stage acting (behind my parent’s couch) and then became a competitive figure skater at the age of six. I discovered dance when I moved to St. Louis 4 years ago and it is my life’s passion.

How are you preparing for finals? Are you doing anything differently from your usual practices?
I am working closely with my dance instructor and choreographer, Donna Patzius, with special emphasis on expressing my emotions so that they can be felt by the audience. I am also focused on finding special ways to use the stage at the Fox Theatre.

What will performing on the Fox stage mean to you?
I still cannot believe that I will be allowed the privilege to step onto the same stage where I saw my favorite Broadway show, Hamilton. I have been dreaming of performing on a professional stage
since my earliest memories. I am truly in shock!

Is there someone you look up to and draw influence from for your talent?
My inspiration comes from my 30-year-old brother Sam, who despite having autism and severe neurological challenges, has performed in over 30 live theatre productions, many of which I have witnessed cheering him on from the audience.

What has been the highlight of your performance career?
This has been the highlight.

What do you hope to learn from your experience?
I hope to learn what it might be like if I were to dance at a professional level. This is a wonderful opportunity.

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