Meet Finalist Ultralight Beam (Getting to Know the 2021 St. Louis Teen Talent Competition Finalists)

Meet Finalist Ultralight Beam (Getting to Know the 2021 St. Louis Teen Talent Competition Finalists)


Name: Left to right Ravyn Stubblefield, Amani Goodson, Amiyah Harlan, Amaiya Knuckles Johnson, Amiyah McClure, and Anijah Warlick

School: Hazelwood Central High School, Parkway North High School, Parkway Central High School, University City High School, and Cardinal Ritter College Prep

Talent: Dance

How long have you been performing and what inspired you to start?

Stubblefield: I have been dancing for nine years.  I was inspired by music videos.

Goodson: I have been dancing for 15 years and I started dancing because I grew up with dancers in my family.

Harlan: I have been performing since I was five years old at dance camp. When I first started I wasn’t really inspired by anyone, my mom wanted me to have something to do.

Knuckles-Johnson: I have been dancing for 15 years and my mother inspired me.

McClure: Since I was four and I loved dancing around the house when I was a baby.

Warlick: I have been dancing for 10 years and my mother put me in when I was younger, but what inspired me to keep pursue dance is the love I have for the art.

How are you preparing for finals? Are you doing anything differently from your usual practices?
Stubblefield: Making sue I go over the routine the way we’re performing at the Fox.

Goodson: I believe that I am doing the same except doing different types of stretches and drinking more water.

Harlan: Yes, we plan on reworking and cleaning the dance so that are spacing looks great on camera.

Knuckles-Johnson: Just practicing like usual to make things perfect.

McClure: We are practicing the same as we usually do.

Warlick: No, I am keeping the same mentality and passion I’ve been having.

What will performing on the Fox stage mean to you?
Stubblefield: Literally everything! I’ve heard so much about teen talent and it could really help me get my name out.

Goodson: Performing on the stage will have me grateful that I got the chance to do it and I will cherish it forever.

Harlan: It will mean a lot to me because not only will it show off all my hard work, but I get to enjoy the moment with my closest friends/sisters.

Knuckles-Johnson: That whatever I plan to do in life is that I made it this far.

McClure: That anything is possible and to keep following my dreams.

Warlick: It would jump start a long career in dance I want to continue.

Is there someone you look up to and draw influence form for your talent?
Stubblefield: My mom and of course Misty Copeland.

Goodson: I look up to Beyoncé because she continues to show girls that you should keep going even when you fall.

Harlan: Yes! I look up to a famous dancer by the name of Autumn Miller.

Knuckles-Johnson: Misty Copeland

McClure: Blake McGrath; I love watching her dance.

Warlick: My dance teacher Alex’us Collins. She’s amazing and doesn’t realize how much talent she has but she always makes me want to be better.

What has been the highlight of your performance career?
Stubblefield: I was accepted into Debbie Allen’s 2015 Summer Intensive and was showcased in the Special Olympics.

Goodson: The highlight of my performance career is having my family being able to watch me and cheer me on.

Harlan: The highlight of my performance career was me posting a video on Instagram and it getting liked by chloe x Halle!

Knuckles-Johnson: That dance lets me get recognized.

McClure: The highlight of my career so far as been receiving all these awards from competing at competitions.

Warlick: Getting the opportunity to perform on the Fox stage.

What do you hope to learn from your experience?
Stubblefield: The preparation for being on TV.

Goodson: What I hope to learn that it is OK to lose as long as you tried along the way.

Harlan: I hope to get a sense of my future with the costume designers, makeup artists and stage directors.  I’ve experience similar with competition and recitals, but being with teen talent is a level up!

Knuckles-Johnson: That I can be professional one day.

McClure: I hope to learn preparations of dancing on TV.

Warlick: I hope to learn how television/dance filming works.

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